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Minutes from the Sports Village Annual Meeting
will appear here soon.

Sports Village III HOA Board of Directors Minutes from Aug. 18, 2017

Bill Mackey, Board President
Board Members: Art Enders, Keith Orr, Bob Patrick, Sharon Hansen,
Chuck Walton (by phone),
Jeff Holm – Property Manager; Absent: Tony Huberty.
Audience: John Bliss, Web Master & Property Owner
Call to Audience was without response.

* Approval of most recent minutes was as posted. Motion to approve by Bob Patrick, Second by Sharon Hansen. With no discussion, motion was carried by full consensus.

* The President’s Report included most recent developments on the fire burned building (Units 36, 36A, 37, 37A). Indications are that the restoration is nearing completion, with a projection of the end of “next week.” Some of the details are to be finalized that deal with payment to Interstate Restoration; in accordance with the Arizona prompt pay requirements, after reviewing the remaining work to be completed and working through the Supplemental, a payment of $132,000 will be made along with a request to meet with Interstate to review and resolve any outstanding issues. A letter will be sent to Interstate, after Bill and Jeff work out the details, requesting a meeting to deliver the check and review and resolve the final outstanding balance. A motion was made by Art to cut a check in the amount of $132,000 to Interstate Restoration and seconded by Keith. After discussion and clarification of the language, the motion carried unanimously.

* Treasurers Report is attached with reference made to expenses incurred due to the Fire. The Board met in Executive Session to review outstanding monies owed to the HOA. SVIII is in a healthy financial position thanks to Art and Keith for their diligence and oversight of the HOA financials and prompt attention to details.

* Property Managers Report is attached. Jeff added details on the Lift Station pump issues yet to be resolved regarding work paid for and not done. We are now being charged an additional fee of $95.00 from Waste Management for each dumpster found to have the lid not completely closed. The driver, during routine pickup, records a picture of any bin not in complete compliance. We need the help of all Homeowners to refrain from putting large appliances, furniture, and empty boxes that are not broken down into our dumpsters.

* Additional discussion centered around a lighted sign put in the window of an upper unit in SVIII. The sign generated calls, letters, and emails from Homeowners protesting the influence on the surrounding units from what was defined as “too big, obnoxious, in violation of some of our Rules and Regulations, and appeared to be commercial in nature rather than the indication of a property for sale.” In consideration of the discussion and the fact that lighted signage was not mentioned in specificity in our ruling documents, Bob Patrick offered some clarifying language to be added to the Rules and Regulations. After review, Sharon moved that we add the clarifying language to the current Rules and Regulations. Art seconded the motion. Motion carried by five yes votes and one negative by President Mackey. Bob will reach out to the realtor who placed the sign to let her know where we stand and look for a resolution to this new issue.

* Jeff raised the question of ‘yard/garage sales” being conducted by SVIII Homeowners. Brief discussion followed with no conclusion.

* Bill Mackey and Kay Helm will produce a newsletter this fall. We need more input into the content from Homeowners.

* Sharon encouraged a more active roll in HOA affairs by those Board Members not currently involved with other duties. An Insurance Committee has been instituted in the past and might be wise to reestablish. Something along the lines of “Community Relations” might be helpful, and anything to help distribute more of the load of keeping our community running smoothly. Chuck and Sharon will spearhead an Insurance Committee.

* A question was raised regarding a homeowner’s responsibility when they fail to comply with a specific item in SVIII Rules and Regulations.

* Next BOD Meeting to be scheduled in October by mutual consent of the members. That Agenda will include a draft of the 2018 Budget.

* Meeting adjourned at 0945 by President Bill Mackey.

* Submitted by Sharon Hansen

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