Welcome to a SPECIAL communication page for owners of condominiums at
Sports Village III
at Pinetop Lakes, Arizona.

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A potentially dangerous condition has been identified with the fireplace/firebox in the Sports Village III
Units; we ask that each and every Owner respond immediately on the following Board
recommendation(s) included in this advisory.
At the end of January of this year, one of our buildings was ravaged by a fire. One condo was completely destroyed and the other three units in the building were severely damaged.
The Fire Department responded quickly to prevent the fire from spreading to other buildings.
Fortunately, there was no loss of life or injury to anyone.
The Fire Department has preliminarily determined that the point of origin of the fire was the fire box
area of the fireplace. The occupants had a fire in the fireplace. Unfortunately, the mortar joint located along the leading edge of the metal firebox (just inside the screen location), had deteriorated
and fallen into the place below the firebox. Hot or burning embers dropped into that space and set
the wooden support beams on fire, which then quickly spread.
The Board of Directors strongly recommends that prior to use of the fireplace, the Owner have the firebox/fireplace inspected by a trained professional, one skilled in the construction and
maintenance of fireplaces similar to those in Sports Village III.
We recognize that some owners will ignore this advice. At a minimum before starting a fire, each
owner should CAREFULLY inspect the firebox and particularly the mortar joint located at the leading edge of the metal firebox.
If there is ANY deterioration noticed, no fire should be started until this UNSAFE condition is professionally remedied. The upstairs units are more prone to have this mortar joint deterioration
condition(which is or might be caused by people chopping wood on the hearth), but the
downstairs units are also susceptible to this occurring.
Wood should NEVER be chopped on the hearth OR on the wood or concrete porches.
The Association has researched what companies might be able to conduct a professional and thorough
inspection of the fireplaces. The company in the Pinetop area that we have found is:

Wizardís Hearth and Home
Inc.1150 E. Deuce of Clubs
Show Low, AZ.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors shows that Wizardís is licensed, bonded, and insured.
They charge a flat fee for the inspection of $80.00, due at the time of the inspection unless other arrangements have been made, such as payment by credit card in advance.
A special discount has been negotiated for Sports Village III owners reducing the price to $50.00 if the
inspection is scheduled to take place on the same day that four other units are scheduled to be inspected.
There is a limited time that this discount will be available. Our Village Manager, Jeff Holm
has negotiated this discount. Owners should contact Jeff to determine how long it will be available.
When an inspection has been completed, Wizardís will supply the owner with a certificate of inspection.
If it is determined that repairs are needed, they typically can be done at the same time.
Of course, there will be an additional charge for any repair work. If you employ Wizardís, or any other
company, please let the Board know whether you were satisfied with the services so that we can
provide that info to other Owners.
Wizardís telephone number is: 928-537-1010.
This is an URGENT notice to all owners. If you have a Tenant in your unit, it is imperative that you
send this notice to them or personally contact them regarding this issue. Based on the fire investigation,
the Pinetop Fire Department has identified the potential fire hazard r elated to the mortar joint
failure in the firebox of the fireplace; no Owner or Tenant wants the possibility of another fire to occur.
Owners/Tenants are ďon noticeĒ and must be responsible for ensuring that a fire does not result from unsafe operation of the fireplace.
We are requesting everyoneís cooperation to ensure the SAFETY of yourselves, your guests, and
your investment in Sports Village III.
Thank you in advance for your COOPERATION.
On behalf of the Board,

Bill Mackey
President, Sports Village III HOA

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